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How to Market your Furniture Hire Business

How to Market your Furniture Hire Business

How to market your Furniture Hire business

Fresh Ideas for 2023

1. Foster and seek out connections

Start by making a list of 5 companies you’d love to do business with. Put the list on the wall next to your desk, or in your phone. Every day, do one thing that gets you closer to winning their business.

Reach out to them in any way that feels appropriate. Simple examples include:

  • follow the company on social media and comment on their posts
  • invite a decision-maker for a tour of your premises
  • send a printed brochure in the post
  • ask to connect on LinkedIn
  • research their tender process

Be persistent and be patient. They may not need your product today, but if you’re in their inbox, connected on social, and you’ve put your product in front of them, you’re in the best possible position when the day comes they do need to furniture hire.

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2. Tap into client calendars

Not literally. No hacking skills required.
Are you confident you know the dates of all major events in your region? Are you contacting prospective clients at the right time in the lead cycle? Do you have gaps in your calendar after the wedding season that you try to fill last minute? This is where calendar planning is invaluable.

If you’d like to supply event furniture to the local golf club for major tournament days, or for club parties, find out when they are! Decide an appropriate lead time and give them a call or drop a brochure in at the right time.

If you’d like to supply furniture to a university for graduation days, have you approached the right person at the right time each year? Do you know the tender dates for jobs you want to win?

3. Start thinking of your contacts as influencers

You probably have a relationship with several venues and event organisers in your area. Perhaps you’ve secured preferred supplier status. If you compare this relationship to a beauty brand paying an influencer to promote products on Instagram, it actually isn’t very different. You are relying on that venue contact or event organiser to sell your service.
What are you doing to ensure the influencer can endorse your company with confidence, and if asked, can promote your products in the best light?

4. Have fun with product placement in social posts

Featuring your furniture in posts is easy when you post something fun. Let’s say your local football team wears red and white and they’ve made it to the Final. It’s an ideal opportunity to show off your red and white furniture. Style it with a football and an appropriate good luck caption.  Post it on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram with hashtags for the team and venue. For guaranteed extra likes persuade a dog or cat to sit in the photo.
More examples?
  • Snap your outdoor furniture on lush green grass to coincide with Wimbledon. Include a bottle of champagne with flutes for the aspirational Instagram crowd.
  • Post a mulled-wine recipe with an image of the ingredients displayed beautifully on your festive, mobile bar.
  • Arrange 20 red chairs into a heart shape on Valentine’s Day and take a photo of them from a high vantage point, such as a ladder.
What’s the purpose of these light posts? To remind people of your company and make them more likely to approach you the next time they need furniture hire

5. Use video more

Your inventory deserves to be seen in 360. Create short videos that add value to particular customer types, or that answer frequently asked questions. Simply set up your furniture in an attractive space and create a video tour of it  with your mobile phone. Keep each video short. Try 40-60 seconds and monitor engagement until you find the sweet spot.
Ideas include videos of:
  • new collections 
  • tables with table setting decorations
  • mismatched vintage chairs that work together
  • lounge styles that can be mixed and matched successfully
  • how to tie a chair sash, or how to create an inexpensive centerpiece
Why? Video makes it easier for clients to see the quality, colours, dimensions, and how collections work together. More importantly, it  separates you from competitors who still use low-res images from the furniture manufacturer. Which company would you choose? The one who cares enough to give a short video tour, or the impersonal company with a dated website? You can add your logo to the end of the video with editing software, such as ClipChamp, which is free from Microsoft and has the bonus of being available on a web browser, so there’s no need to download software. Add captions, voice, or background music to suit your company’s style. Once you’re happy with your video, post it to your Vimeo or YouTube channel and use the share link [or embed code] to add it on your website and social media posts. If you’d prefer to outsource the video editing, you can find competitive rates from freelancers on sites such as People per Hour.

6. Leverage 3rd party websites & platforms

Select quality directories, community forums, and event sites to get more exposure for your furniture rental business.

It could be your local Chamber of Commerce, an EventBrite blog written by one of your clients, or a preferred supplier page.

And of course, no article about marketing tips for event companies would be complete without mentioning Designed for Hire, which was created for furniture hire companies to get more leads. Sign up, create a listing and start getting instant exposure to professional event planners and agencies.


We hope these marketing ideas will motivate you to try new things, or to just do more of what already works for you. Good luck in marketing your furniture rental business!

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