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Frequently Asked Questions for Suppliers

Around 10 minutes.
That’s enough time to load images to the carousel, a description of your services, and link out to your website and social media.

Your personal profile appears in the contact area – ‘This listing was added by ….’.
You can change the avatar, logo, or photo from your Dashboard.

Each listing shows who posted it. This person (or avatar) is the point of contact for the client.

Your Personal Profile could be your image and details, an avatar, or your company’s logo and general contact details.


  • Optimum resolution is 900px x 900px.
  • Maximum file size 400KB each.

Uploading larger image files could slow your profile page and we know that visitors don’t wait around!


Product photos

  •  any dimension, but square is optimal. We recommend approx. 900px x 900px resolution.
  • keep images below 400KB for faster page loading

Store banner
Suggested image dimensions 625 x 300 pixels.

Store profile image (usually your logo)
Suggested image dimensions: 150 by 150 pixels.

It’s worth investing in quality photography. Site visitors are more likely to contact you if your imagery is crisp and attractive.

Videos aren’t hosted on the site. You must copy + paste a URL link from a service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

You can find the link under ‘share’ on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

The url link will look something like this:

You can edit, delete, or add new products at any time from your Dashboard.

If your inventory is the same across all warehouses, you could purchase one featured listing with Storefront to show off products.

While a Storefront can only be attached to one Listing and location, customers can be sent to it with a simple link from the descriptions of your other location listings. We can help with that.

If your inventory is different at each warehouse location, you will receive more targeted enquiries by creating a listing for each location.

Simply input an email address for the ‘Contact’ form on your profile page.

Emails are conducted off the platform (private between you and the customer).

For customers who create an account and log in, there is also an option to fast message you through the platform.

You can choose how you wish to be contacted.

Yes, for annual Gold listings, we can hide your listing until you’re ready to start trading again.

You can delete your free listing at any time.

Payment is by Stripe’s secure gateway. Your invoice is automatically emailed to you.

If you need access to past invoices, you can do that with a Stripe login, or let us know and we’ll forward them.

An annual featured listing payment is non-refundable outside of the trial period. If you suspend trading, you can hide your listing on your dashboard until you are ready to start trading again.

Please contact us if you need any help with plans, privacy, upgrading, downgrading, and suspending listings. We have designed the platform to be versatile to meet your business needs.

Sure! The Dashboard is great for uploading individual products, but if you have bulk products in a spreadsheet, reach out to us.

Email us: if you’d like a spreadsheet template or Google Sheets link.