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Suppliers - How it works


1. Register to create a profile

Your profile appears in the ‘Contact’ section of your business Listing.

2. Create your listing

This can include images, company description, video, contact form, your social links, link to your website.


3. Create your storefront (optional)

Do you offer hire products? Choose a package with a storefront. Your listing and storefront are connected.


4. Start receiving enquiries

Customers can message you, click to your website, or follow you on Social. We also send shoutouts for quote requests.


Why join?

More targeted than Google Adwords

& cheaper too!

Our users are actively searching for services in your region.

Simple to set up

There’s no maintenance. Simply update with new images whenever you want.

It's where your customers are

Event planners are time poor. They want choice and a fast quote. We provide both.

Save time: filter unwanted quote requests

Filter out unwanted enquiries by stating minimum order, unit costs, if B2B only, and delivery areas.

Optimised for browser search

Just like your own website, your Listing & Storefront on Designed for Hire is optimised for browser search – it’s another way for customers to find you.

Global reach

Event planning is done globally. If your website isn’t ranking in search results internationally, you’re missing out on customers.

If your website isn’t hosted in English, you’re missing out on valuable traffic.

Plans & Pricing

No obligation. Change or cancel your plan at any time.

Standard (Free)


Standard listing

Gallery - up to 8 images

Link to your website

Link to your social media

Instant messaging with customers

Listings are subject to review. Only listings which meet the criteria of event supplier or event hire will be published.

Gold Annual


1 year Featured Listing

Sticky - close to top

Enhanced Gallery - 20 images

Storefront to showcase products

Video on listing

Featured in blogs

Annual social media shout out

Link to your website

Link to your social media

Instant messaging with customers

Single annual payment processed securely with Stripe. No subscription.

Only listings which meet the criteria of event supplier or event hire will be published.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Around 10 minutes. 
That’s enough time to load images to the profile page carousel, add a description of your services, and link out to your website and social media. Your personal profile appears in the contact area – ‘This listing was added by ….’.
You can change the avatar, logo, or photo from your Dashboard.

Each listing shows who posted it. This person (or avatar) is the point of contact for the client.

Your Personal Profile could be your image and details, an avatar, or your company’s logo and general contact details.


  •  Optimum resolution is 900px x 900px.
  • Maximum file size 400KB each.

Uploading larger image files could slow your profile page and we know that visitors don’t wait around!


  • upload product images in any dimension, but square is optimal. We recommend 900px x 900px resolution.
  • keep images below 400KB for faster page loading

It’s worth investing in quality photography. Site visitors are more likely to contact you if your imagery is crisp and attractiv

Videos aren’t hosted on the site. You must copy + paste a URL link from a service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

You can find the link under ‘share’ on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

The url link will look something like this:

If your inventory is the same across all warehouses, you could purchase one package with Storefront to show off products.

While a Storefront can only be attached to one Listing and location, customers can be sent to it with a simple link from the descriptions of your other location listings. We can help with that.

If your inventory is different at each warehouse location, you will receive more targeted enquiries by creating a listing for each.

You can edit, delete, or add new products at any time from your Dashboard.

Simply input an email address for the ‘Contact’ form on your profile page.

Emails are conducted off the platform (private between you and the customer).

For customers who create an account and log in, there is also an option to fast message you through the platform.

You can choose how you wish to be contacted.

For annual Gold listings, we can hide your listing until you’re ready to start trading again.

You can include your business hours and seasonal offers in your company description. 

Payment is by Stripe’s secure gateway. Your invoice is automatically emailed to you.

If you need access to past invoices, you can do that with a Stripe login, or let us know and we’ll forward them.

For annual Gold listings, if you suspend trading temporarily, we can hide your listing until you are ready to start trading again. An annual listing payment is non-refundable outside of the trial period. 

Please contact us if you need any help with plans, privacy, upgrading, downgrading, and suspending listings. We have designed the platform to be versatile to meet your business needs.

Yes! The Dashboard is great for uploading products individually, but for bulk uploads, reach out to us and we’ll bulk upload your spreadsheet.


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Event agencies, venues, film production companies, party planners, local authorities, festival organisers, private party & wedding hosts. We've been connecting suppliers and planners since 2019.

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